How do I use Account Credit to purchase items?

To redeem your Account Credit,

  • Enter the Account Credit code that was given to you or copy and paste the code from the email that was sent to you into the field on the payment checkout page.
  • Click the apply button and the amount of the Give Voucher will be added to your Account Credit account.
  • You now need to apply the credit to the order. Scroll back down the page near where you just entered your Account Credit code and put a check in the box marked "Please apply my Account Credit balance towards this purchase"
  • The amount you have available is now indicated in the Account Credit box.

To checkout

  • You must select a payment method even after you have applied your credits. If your Account Credit balance is more than the amount you are purchasing, you may select the payment method marked "Check (by Mail / Phone), Money Orders, or Gift Certificates."
  • Then just complete your order.

If your order total is greater than your Account Credit balance

  • You must pay the remaining balance using one of the available payment methods (credit card, PayPal, money orders or checks by mail) to complete your order.

Account Credit FAQ

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