How do I redeem a coupon code and watch the movie on my Roku, Apple TV, or Fire TV?

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Redeem code on the web below, then open your Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV App

  1. Visit    
  2. Enter your coupon code there to apply it to your account. 
  3. Find a movie you want to view and rent or purchase it directly on our website according to the type of coupon you have. If you plan to watch it on a third-party platform, when you are asked "Do you want to "watch now" or "watch later", select "watch later." The movie will then be displayed in your My Movies area of your account on the third-party platform.
  4. On your Roku, Apple TV, or Fire TV, open the Christian Cinema channel.
  5. Navigate to My Movies and you will see the movie there for viewing.

Step by Step Guide To Use A Free Movie Redemption Code

1. When you enter the code at, you'll see the movies you can choose from for the code you entered.

2. When you find the one you want, on the movie detail page the price to own it will say "Own Digital - Free" (Or "Rent Digital - Free" if that's the type of code you entered. You may also see a discounted price for either rental or purchase).

3. When you click that button, you'll be taken to the account page. If you have an account, sign in. If you don't, you'll need to create one. (Note that for content security and licensing reasons, a credit card is required to create an account. It is to make sure the content is secure and not shared, and only one code redemption is allowed per credit card. It can also be used in case future purchases or movie rentals are desired, but no charge will be made upon account creation. Think of it like creating an iTunes account for user identification and future in-app purchases.)

4. Once logged in with your account, the code will be redeemed and the movie will automatically be available to view. The movie detail page will show up next and the green button will now say "Watch Now".

5. Enjoy your movie! Access it anytime by logging on to your My Movies library on in your web browser, or by downloading one of our apps for your TV or mobile device. Links to each app store are below or you can search the app store for your specific device:



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