How to View Your Film

Christian Cinema is a cloud-based platform, which enables you to access your content from any device anywhere without downloading files that fill up your hard drive. The tradeoff is that you do have to use data. The good thing about Christian Cinema is you don't need to have a subscription to stream our films. It works like a pay-per-view wherein you select the movie rental that you want to watch, pay for it, then stream it unlimited for 48-hours (if rented), and at your leisure if purchased to own.

To play your film, log in to your account with the email address and password that you used to establish your account at After renting/purchasing a film, you should be able to access your film to view it by going to the "My Movies" section of your account.

Once you are in "My Movies," click on your film, and a green "Watch Now" button should appear. Just click on "Watch Now," and your film should begin to play.

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